James Brickwood

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Botany, New South Wales

Sydney's music venues are slowly dying via the gentrification of city suburbs and harsh restrictions placed on existing venues by the New South Wales government. So, alternative venues are sourced that are free from corporate sponsorship and restrictions on one's liberties.

Humans are a social species and the need to gather and interact in a free environment is what keeps these parties going. The most recent example, Chanel 707, was in a disused Warehouse space in the suburb of Botany, Sydney.

This is still one of my favourite photographs over the past few years because it shows a fragility amongst the youth. Two young women dance on a structure that really, isn't sound for such purpose. The environment is so wrong on so many levels, but also it felt so right. So many of the live music venues Sydney took for granted just don't exist anymore, but that doesn't stop the want or the need to perform for a crowd, and for a crowd to dance. The show must go on.

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